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Direct Mail Attracts New Customers For Businesses

What’s the most effective way to get new customers? Some might say traditional media ads, others say content marketing. Or is it SEO or SEM? While several of these methods work, it’s hard to beat the simplicity and effectiveness of direct mail.

For the past half a century, direct mail has been a cost-effective way to get new business in any industry. With highly targeted mailing lists that have been created year after year, direct mail is a prime method for maximum conversions that cost a fraction of what similar digital methods cost. By utilizing technology such as variable data printing, direct mail can be a cost-effective way to get new customers.


Direct Mail Marketing To Maximize Conversions

At the end of the day, the goal of any advertising is to make more money than you spend. With direct mail marketing, it’s easier than ever to maximize conversions. Direct mail has a few distinct benefits that make it a great choice.

It’s highly targeted. You can purchase mailing lists filled with customers that have bought your type of product in your area. That’s almost a guaranteed sale.
It’s highly measurable. Sending out a coupon? Track how many coupons were redeemed against how many were sent out.
It’s highly flexible. Not only can you promote a product to sell, but you can co-promote a similar product to increase sales. You could even include news of a new product or location. The options are endless.


Variable Data Printing To Personalize Mail

Variable data printing is another feature that makes direct mail marketing so versatile. Variable data printing allows you to make changes to the text, images, or graphics of a printed piece without slowing down the printing process. This technology has several benefits including:

Personalized offers
Personalized product suggestions
Personalized messaging

Have consumers in different stages of buying? Personalize their direct mail to reflect their individual stage. Selling the same product to completely different audiences? Change the messaging in a flash. Variable data printing provides virtually unlimited customization options on the fly.

Using direct mail marketing utilizing variable data printing is an easy, cost-effective way to get more new customers.

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Powerful Event Poster Designs Must Be Attention-Grabbing

How many event posters do you remember? Probably not very many. Event poster designs must be attention-grabbing to be remembered, yet so many businesses overlook this. With a powerful event poster, you can stand out in whatever crowd you’re in and give consumers a reason to remember you.

Large format posters can be used for much more than just having a large slate to put your company’s name on. Using large format posters, when done right, can bring a host of benefits that can help you expand your business’s reach. Whether you’re trying to grow your brand or highlight a product or service, the benefits of event posters cannot be overlooked.

Benefits Of Large Format Posters

Sure, printing your name as large as possible is one way for people to see your business. That is the main reason that most turn to large format posters. Getting creative with your posters can unlock a whole new world of benefits. Some of the most helpful benefits are:

They are built to last. Large format posters are made with durable materials that allow them to be used for weeks, months, or even years.
Less waste. When you are able to you one large piece of print instead of numerous smaller ones, you’re able to cut down on the amount you need printed. Combine that with the durability of large format posters and you can imagine the long-term savings.
More room. This may seem obvious, but many waste this opportunity. Instead of just having your business information, you can have pictures, testimonials, maps, and more. This gives you more opportunity to be creative and unique.

Professional Custom Poster Printing Services That Get Results

The benefits of large format posters are obvious, but these only apply if the consumer notices them. In order to have a poster that captures attention, it needs to be a powerful, creative print that gives the consumer a reason to look. That’s where we excel. Our skilled artists are more than just masters in design. They also have backgrounds in:


These skills are the perfect combination for creating custom posters that get results.

Don’t waste an opportunity to stand out. Let Graphic Media Solutions handle all your custom poster printing needs.

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