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Professional Letterhead Printing Is Crucial For Your Brand

Are you spending enough time growing your brand? Brand recognition is one of the most consistent and reliable ways to gain and retain business. Companies like Kleenex have become such a commonplace in most homes that customer don’t even realize they are calling all tissues Kleenex. That is the power of branding.

While large-scale brand recognition can be expensive, professional letterhead printing is an affordable and dependable form of branding that any company can take advantage of. Everyday items such as envelopes and notepads can provide a boost to your brand. Using custom letterhead printing can stamp your business’s branding image on anything you put out.

Custom Envelopes

Custom envelopes are an easy way to ensure customers recognize mail from your company without even having to open it. With the rise of junk mail, custom envelopes are an affordable way to make sure customers are reading your correspondence and not sending them directly to the trash. Adding a few key features to your custom envelopes can instantly boost credibility and recognition. These can include:

Your company’s logo
Customized return labels
A catchy slogan your company is known for

Custom Notepads

Custom notepads are a seamless addition when you use custom envelopes. Custom notepads are a simple method to expand your branding efforts by maintaining the same theme and tone as your envelopes. Whether you decide to choose from a template or design your own from scratch, these work great not only with internal communications but work well as gifts as well. You can:

Send them to potential clients to stay on their mind
Give to friends and family members for free advertising
Give them away at events you attend

Branding doesn’t have to cost a fortune to be effective. Professional letterhead printing is an inexpensive, effective method to expand your branding.

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The Difference When You Use Postcard Printing Services

Postcards are a quick and easy way to keep in touch. Custom postcard printing services, when used properly, are a powerful branding technique. It instantly reminds the recipient of you and your product or service. Postcards are a versatile tool to add to your marketing toolbox but should not be left to amateurs.

With the rise of bulk mail over the past few decades, customers have become more sensitive to direct mail and take less time to decide whether to look at it or toss it in the trash. By using techniques such variable data printing combined with unique offers, your postcards can stay out of the trash pile.

Variable Data Printing

Personalized printing has come a long way since postcards were introduced. Instead of ordering thousands of identical postcards, you now have options. Variable data printing allows you to create different postcards for different customers segments, names, and even color and design. This is accomplished by advanced software that takes information from a spreadsheet or database and prints the desired postcard. A few of the more common uses of variable data printing include:

Personalized name and addresses
Different offers based on customer’s past purchases
Unique templates based on target customer’s interests

Using Custom Postcards

With the use of variable data printing, businesses are no longer tied to a single objective. The increased flexibility allows your postcards to be tailored to specific events for a specific group of people. Sending postcards that contain the same offer to everybody not only increases costs, but you’ll see a lower conversion rate as well. Personalized messaging can speak to a specific group of people. A few possibilities include:

Promo sales for loyal customers
Bargain deals for new customers
Personalized messages for special events

With tools such as variable data printing and custom postcards, you can increase your bottom line without the commitment to large single-offer orders.

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