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McDonald’s sells over 75 hamburgers every second. An amazing feat from a franchise with modest beginnings in a small California town. What was their secret? Branding. As the news spread about their hamburgers, the iconic Golden Arch became a well-known symbol for tasty hamburgers.

That’s the power of branding. If you work for a franchise in today’s economy, you simply cannot overlook the business-building power of branding. With digital printing services, you can produce a variety of high-quality printed materials that you can use to quickly and effectively spread your message and build your brand. Whether you just opened your second store and are looking to expand or have opened twenty and want to take the next step, digital printing services can help get you there.

Types Of Print Marketing Materials:

What type of print marketing materials are best for franchise branding? It depends. Are you just starting out? Materials that can quickly be shared are ideal. Running a more popular franchise? Aim for materials that increase awareness. Regardless of your current stage, a few print marketing materials that can help include:

Brochures. These are the ultimate print marketing material because they can function as a business card while providing more information about your franchise or a specific product.
Letterheads. Using professionally printed letterheads can help you stand apart from your competitors in the early stages and are expected in the later stages. Don’t get left behind without these.
Banners. These work great in areas with a lot of traffic. Large-scale printing that speaks to the masses.

Professional Commercial Printing Services

At GMS, we know the importance of branding. In fact, all of our printing experts are well-versed in advertising. This allows them to create high-quality prints with your branding efforts in mind. Because of of our depth of industry experience, you can rest assured knowing you’ll only receive the best from us. With GMS, we’ll help you:

  • Expand your brand
  • Create a lasting memory
  • Grow your franchise

We’ll work with you every step of they to make sure that you get what you need to succeed with our professional commercial printing services.

Digital printing services are powerful tools to expand your brand and grow your franchise.

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Window decals are one of the most versatile forms of advertising you can use. They’re portable, easy to use, and can instantly turn any window into an advertising space. Furthermore, they are an inexpensive way to test out a new sale or product advertisement without committing to a more expensive advertising method such as newspaper or magazine ads.

Whether you just started advertising or are a seasoned pro, window decals can help boost your sales.To get the most out of windows decals, there are a few tips that you should follow to help increase your sales. Follow these and you’ll quickly be wondering why you went so long without window decals for your business.

Tips On Window Decals For Business

Effectively using window decals can be a huge boost for business. In order to maximize the opportunity, you should:

Make sure they look professional. While there’s nothing wrong with simplicity, a professional-looking window decal speaks volumes about the quality your customers can expect from your business.
Don’t neglect QR codes. QR codes are a great way to link a product to its description on your website. This allows your customers the opportunity to get more information in seconds on their phone.
Don’t forget about branding opportunities. Are your window decals smaller? Hand them out to customers with a purchase. It’s free advertising for your business when they take them home.

Digital Printing Services That Helps Businesses Grow

Window decals are just one of the many digital printing services we offer here at GMS. If business growth is your goal, take advantage of our vast print experience and advertising knowledge to take your business to the next level.

In addition to window decals, we can also create:

  • Business Cards
  • Flyers
  • Banners

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We can create almost anything your mind can come up with. Got an idea? We can make it happen.

Window decals are an efficient, inexpensive form of advertising to help boost sales.

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